The King Strip Project

Time Period: 10/2014 – 04/2015

Location: Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Building Industry Sector: Tourism & Entertainment Development Project, Tranpsort Infrastructure, Marine Infrastructure

Project Scope: 

  • 5 Large-Scale Integrated Resorts, internationally branded and operated
  • Each Resort with 4 Hotel Categories (appr. 2500 Bedrooms in total) and Entertainment Centre (500 Table Casino, Retail, F&B etc.)
  • 100 ha Land Reclamation for 5 Large-scale Integrated Resorts (20 ha each)
  • 20 ha Land Reclamation for Access Roads
  • 1 Bridge Structure
  • Temporary Jetty for Construction Material and Equipment 
  • Supply during Construction Period

Construction Costs:

  • Building: appr. 650 Mio USD per Resort
  • Infrastructure: appr. 60 Mio USD

Scope of Services

Geotechnical Investigation Services provided in order to perform:
  • Detailed Design of Land Reclamation and Soil Consolidation 
  • Pre-liminary Foundation Design of 5 Resorts / Buildings and Bridge 
  • Pre-liminary Structural Design of Temporary Jetty
Detailed Geotechnical Investigation Services performed:
  • Drilling of 27 Offshore and 50 Onshore Boreholes (from 35m to 60m depth)
  • Performing of SPT Field Tests at each Borehole (in total 2083 tests)
  • Performing of Field Vane Shear Tests (in total 86 tests)
  • Undisturbed Soil Sampling (in total 1032 samples by piston sampler and thin-walled tube sampler)
  • Rock Coring and Sampling (in total 380m rock core samples)
  • Ground Water Sampling
  • Laboratory Testing to obtain
    • Soil classification and identification such as gradation analysis, Attenberg’s limits, density, specific gravity, void ratio, degree of saturation, etc.
    • Engineering properties such as consolidation characteristics, unconfined compressive strength, triaxial shear strength, etc. 
    • Rock classification and strength properties
    • Ground water chemical analysis
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report (Executive Summary; Field Test & Laboratory Test Results of Soil, Rock and Groundwater; Evaluation of  Conditions and Parameters for Soil, Rock and Groundwater; Conclusions &  Recommendations on foundation methods, soil deformation characteristics & ground improvement methods)