Geotechnical Engineering Consultancy

Ground Improvement

As integrated part of the foundation repair design, gbc - geotechnical engineering provides planning and design of the ground improvement measures such as soil stabilization based on soil injection methods and micropiling method will be investigated and the final option is subjected to the detailed designing. 
Soil injection methods can be applied by injecting of a grout material (depending on the soil conditions and field of application etc.) into the soil that leads to the improvement of soil characteristics as decreasing permeability, increasing shear strength and decreasing compressibility. Soil injection methods can be applied at areas with confined space available due to minimum sizing of applied equipment. 
Micropiling method is a deep foundation used when very limited space or headroom is available for execution with conventional pile rigs. Micropiles are small diameter bored cast-in-situ piles of diameter 150 to 300 mm constructed by rotary drilling machine, casing, reinforcement and grout material. Micropiles can be applied as directly loaded piles or as reinforcement of soil.