Survey - Investigation - Testing

Foundation and Pile Assessment

For the case that an existing building construction is subjected to aging or to increase of building loads (implied by change of use or by change of structure for example adding of floors), it might be necessary to conduct the foundation and pile assessment in order to determine existing conditions on structural integrity and load-bearing capacity of the structural components as foundation beams & slabs, pile caps and deep pile foundations.

gbc geotechnical engineers provide technical due diligence and high level of engineering expertise for the condition assessment of existing building foundation. Our engineering teams in Phnom Penh Cambodia and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam are trained and equipped with high-quality survey & testing instruments for determining of the existing building foundation and pile conditions. We perform inspections and assessments of existing facilities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Phnom Penh, Cambodia with the following detailed scope: 
  • Establishing of detailed assessment programme (based on site inspection and review of existing project documents)
  • Building survey to determine foundation geometry and to identify materials used
  • Building survey and recording of defects and deficiencies of the foundation structure
  • Non-destructive material testing to determine material properties & conditions of the structural components (concrete strength, concrete cover, reinforcement steel installation, pile length, pile integrity etc.)
  • Pile load testing by applying of appropriate method  and determining of existing pile load-bearing capacity  
  • Detailed assessment report identifying and describing the problems, providing an overview about the conditions, structural integrity and load bearing capacity of the structural components
  • Recommendation on foundation repair methods (refer to Geotechnical Engineering Consultancy - Chapter "Foundation Repair")