Survey - Investigation - Testing

Deformation Monitoring

Deformation monitoring should be applied at construction projects where periodic measurement and tracking of the change in the dimensions of structures due to load impact (in particular structures that interact with the subsoil) is indicated. Our engineering teams in Phnom Penh Cambodia and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam are trained and equipped with high-quality survey & monitoring instruments that will be selected according to the project specifications, e.g. type of structure, parameter to be monitored and the monitoring interval. 
gbc geotechnical engineers provides deformation monitoring for the following fields of application:  
  • Land reclamation projects - monitoring of settlements & soil consolidation process  
  • Traffic / pavement areas - monitoring of settlements with respect to operational requirements  
  • Excavation pits - monitoring of horizontal and vertical deformations of the pit wall  
  • Existing structures as buildings, bridges etc. - monitoring of horizontal and vertical deformations of the building structure 

gbc geotechnical engineering provides deformation monitoring results as displacements of building structure, horizontal & vertical settlements of soil, water pore pressure, ground water level etc. that are used in order to:  
  • Validate the design criteria for a structure with respect to fitness for purpose and load-bearing capacity  
  • Conduct detailed deformation analysis  
  • Determine the corrective actions for remedial geotechnical & structural works or in the critical state “alarming”  
  • Determine the extent and methods on maintenance works and operations