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We are a German Geotechnical Consultant Firm with more than 20 years professional experiences in various fields of geotechnical engineering with the head quarter located in Berlin, Germany. Since the year 2014, we decided to expand our business to south-east Asia and offer our expertise in geotechnical engineering for projects in particular in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Our expertise is geotechnical engineering and we provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for your project.
Our team of engineers and contractors provide affordable, high quality geotechnical engineering services to our clients. No matter how complex your ideas are, we will find a cost efficient solution. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to providing professional geotechnical engineering services for building and infrastructure projects. Size doesn’t matter. Every project, big or small, is given the attention it deserves.
We are your professional partner in geotechnical engineering

Survey – Investigation – Testing

Geotechnical Investigation & Laboratory Testing

An important basis for the planning and construction of building and infrastructure projects is the knowledge of the ground conditions. For this purpose, gbc - geotechnical engineering provides the geotechnical investigation services as follows:
  • Establishing geotechnical investigation programme
  • Conducting field investigation & sampling
  • Geotechnical laboratory testing
  • Geotechnical investigation report / evaluation of test results / conclusions with respect to the project specifications

Pile Load Testing

Pile load testing is an important factor for the piling works that should be properly planned and factored into the project schedule and project costs at an early stage in order to validate the design safety factors, pile design & lengths, to establish the pile installation criteria and to quality control the piling works. 
gbc - geotechnical engineering provides pile load testing for your project by applying the following test methods:
  • Static pile load testing (axial and lateral force directions)
  • Dynamic compression load testing by pile driving analyzer (PDA) 
  • Pile integrity testing (PIT)

Foundation and Pile Assessment

For the case that existing building construction are subjected to aging or to increase of building loads (implied by change of use or by change of structure for example adding of floors), it might be necessary to conduct the foundation and pile assessment in order to determine existing conditions on structural integrity and load-bearing capacity of the structural components as foundation beams & slabs, pile caps and deep pile foundations. 
gbc geotechnical engineers provide technical due diligence and high level of engineering expertise for the condition assessment of existing building foundation. Our engineering teams in Phnom Penh Cambodia and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam are trained and equipped with high-quality survey & testing instruments for determining of the existing building foundation and pile conditions. We perform inspections and assessments of existing facilities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Deformation Monitoring

Deformation monitoring should be applied at construction projects where periodic measurement and tracking of the change in the dimensions of structures due to load impact (in particular structures that interact with the subsoil) is indicated. Our engineering teams in Phnom Penh Cambodia and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam are trained and equipped with high-quality survey & monitoring instruments that will be selected according to the project specifications, e.g. type of structure, parameter to be monitored and the monitoring interval. 
gbc geotechnical engineers provides deformation monitoring for the following fields of application:   
  • Land reclamation projects - monitoring of settlements & soil consolidation process   
  • Traffic / pavement areas - monitoring of settlements with respect to operational requirements   
  • Excavation pits - monitoring of horizontal and vertical deformations of the pit wall   
  • Existing structures as buildings, bridges etc. - monitoring of horizontal and vertical deformations of the building structure  

gbc geotechnical engineers provides deformation monitoring results as displacements of building structure, horizontal & vertical settlements of soil, water pore pressure, ground water level etc. that are used in order to:   
  • Validate the design criteria for a structure with respect to fitness for purpose and load-bearing capacity   
  • Conduct detailed deformation analysis   
  • Determine the corrective actions for remedial geotechnical & structural works or in the critical state “alarming”   
  • Determine the extent and methods on maintenance works and operations

Topographical Survey

We provide topographical survey service that will be carried out to establish the topographic conditions as basis for the planning and execution of building & infrastructure projects. With respect to the project requirements, gbc - geotechnical engineering provides:
  • Land survey
  • Bathymetric survey 

Hydraulic Conditions Survey

Information about the hydraulic conditions are essential and important basis for the planning and execution of marine structures such as ports, land reclamation and beach nourishment.
For this purpose, gbc - geotechnical engineering provides the following hydraulic conditions survey services:
  • Tidal conditions and water level measurement
  • Wave conditions
  • Currents condition survey
  • Sediment concentration sampling and testing
  • Hydraulic analysis on impact to the project site and surrounding / adjacent areas with respect to erosion and sedimentation
Geotechnical Engineering Consultancy

Pile Design and Value Engineering

Due to fact that pile foundations have a large cost impact on the project budget, it is important that pile foundations for building and infrastructure projects are properly planned and designed, Therefore, gbc - geotechnical engineering provide optimized and cost-effective pile design solutions based on the geotechnical investigation, type and requirements of the superstructure, site conditions / accessibility, project schedule & project budget and the existing market conditions. 

In order to optimize an existing pile design, gbc - geotechnical engineering provides value engineering to reduce material quantities, construction costs, the construction time while maintaining or improving the functioning and quality of the building structure

Excavation Pit Design

Each project and site requires custom made solutions for the design and construction of deep excavation pit. With respect to the complex boundary conditions (ground conditions, ground water, existing building, underground services, traffic, legal land ownership of neighbouring plots etc.) as well as project requirements (architectural design, environmental impact, limits on deformations, safety etc.), gbc - geotechnical engineering provides the excavation pit design that sets out optimized, safe and cost-effective solutions for the construction for the following main components:
  • Pit wall system and pit wall supporting system  
  • Embankments and slope stability 
  • Excavation sequencing / temporary construction stages  
  • Base slab structure  
  • Uplift tension measures  
  • Protection of existing facilities   
  • Deformation monitoring programme

Foundation Repair

Based on the foundation and pile assessment, the site conditions and the project requirements, gbc - geotechnical engineering provides the foundation repair methods that will be subsequently established and designed in order to restore and assure load-bearing capacity, structural integrity and sufficient lifetime of the foundation. 

gbc - geotechnical engineering has experiences in planning and designing of the following foundation repair methods 
  • Ground improvement method with soil stabilization based on soil injection methods 
  • Ground improvement method with additional piling by micro piles 
  • Concrete repair methods can be applied as injection or filling methods of cracks, rehabilitation of concrete coverage, concrete repair of pile heads etc. 

Ground Improvement

As integrated part of the foundation repair design, gbc - geotechnical engineering provides planning and design of the ground improvement measures such as soil stabilization based on soil injection methods and micropiling method will be investigated and the final option is subjected to the detailed designing.

Soil injection methods can be applied by injecting of a grout material (depending on the soil conditions and field of application etc.) into the soil that leads to the improvement of soil characteristics as decreasing permeability, increasing shear strength and decreasing compressibility. Soil injection methods can be applied at areas with confined space available due to minimum sizing of applied equipment.

Micropiling method is a deep foundation used when very limited space or headroom is available for execution with conventional pile rigs. Micropiles are small diameter bored cast-in-situ piles of diameter 150 to 300 mm constructed by rotary drilling machine, casing, reinforcement and grout material. Micropiles can be applied as directly loaded piles or as reinforcement of soil.

Land Reclamation Design & Soft Ground Improvement

Land reclamation might be part of large-scale development projects for production industry sector, marine and transport infrastructure sector, tourism development sector etc.

Depending on the existing soil conditions (as soft soil is found in many areas in particular in Cambodia and Vietnam), soft ground improvement measures may be applicable and need to be planned and executed based on soil consolidation methods. Soil consolidation means the volume change in saturated soils caused by the expulsion of pore water from loading.
gbc - geotechnical engineering provides consulting service for land reclamation design comprising the following main components:
  • Vertical and horizontal drainage systems
  • Surcharge filling sequence (alternative with vacuum method)
  • Time-settlement analysis
  • Slope protection
  • Deformation monitoring system of consolidation process and soil stability
  • Monitoring management plan for corrective actions and remedial works

Beach Nourishment Design

Beach nourishment is the creation of new beach or to widen the existing beach by applying the process of dumping or pumping of beach sand. gbc - geotechnical engineering provides this complex and integrated planning and design process with particular respect to the investigation of erosion impact caused by hydraulic conditions (wave impact, currents, tidal conditions, sediment transport), climate & weather and seabed conditions) by providing the design of the following main components:
  • Beach sand fill with dimensions, sections and beach sand filling sequencing
  • Erosion protection measures (breakwater system etc.)
  • Beach monitoring system and beach maintenance management plan 
  • Investigation of hydraulic impact  to adjacent areas caused by the beach nourishment at the project area